Driving Tips



- Whenever you get behind the wheel of the car make sure you're relaxed and calm with no distractions and

   ensuring you know all the cars controls and how ther work.


- Always drive to the conditions and don't be afraid to adapt if required. A good example is if it starts to rain ...

  you need to extend your braking distance in the wet.


- Don't ever stop looking and monitoring where you are in the traffic flow ... because as soon as a situation

  changes you can react. Stay aware of traffic changes such as braking or merging requirements.


- Remember the first form of braking is to release the accelerator ... you'll start to slow down gradually and

  if you need to stop it will be much more comfortable.


- Make sure you keep at least a 2 second gap when following other vehicles as it simply gives you more time to 

  react if and when required.


- Learn to read traffic lights on approach as they always work to a sequence ... Check your mirrors and stay

  aware of how close the traffic behind you is travelling and then you can make a better informed decision. The

  same procedure also applies to all other situations when you may have to adjust your speed such as roundabouts,

  intersections, crossings and road work.